Ok. This is going to be short. I’m writing this because I’ve been sick for a really long time. I know there are others out there like me. I have M.E/CFS (or CFIDS in America). It’s an illness which is invisible and destructive. People who have it are treated badly, or not at all. I want to tell my story, and I want to hear yours. In a world with 7 billion people, I am not the only person whose life has been ruined by this illness.

Typing that sentence made me laugh. A little ruefully. “I am not the only person whose life has been ruined by this illness”. It sounds over dramatic and ridiculous, which I would say isn’t like me at all, but I don’t want to start off with a lie.

Hopefully this blog will chart my amazing recovery. It will definitely chart my ups and down. Hopefully it will make other people who have this illness feel a little less alone and confused. Well, eventually, if I ever get past writing the introduction.

I’m 21. I’ve been ill for 2 years. I used to enjoy sports, especially adventurous ones, playing music, travelling, going out with friends and dancing like a maniac. Since I’ve been unwell I’ve spent most of my time in bed, resting, sleeping and trying to learn how to knit.

Nice to meet you.


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